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Follow @mymindsajoke to laugh more! :) https://twitter.com/Mymindsajik
Follow @mymindsajoke to laugh more! :) https://twitter.com/Mymindsajik
If you want to see more of these funny break up texts go here -> http://bit.ly/FunnyBreakUpTexts or just click on the picture
The Knock-Knock Joke
Who said the knock-knock joke was played out? This person really went all out with this one, taking an old overused joke and creating a new a hilarious concept. The knock-knock break up could be a revolutionary new tactic for ending unwanted relationships, or it could just be the product of a warped sense of humor. Regardless, it is very funny.
Left Speechless
When someone breaks up with you the last thing you should be doing is reiterating the whole reason for their ending the relationship. It should obvious that if they broke up with you they were looking for something different. This person walked right into that honest, yet still insulting response. Learning from others texting mistakes can be not just educational but hilarious too.
Spell It Out
This might be one case where you should have left well enough alone. This person must have been either cruel and unusual or just a little slow. Next time you get the commonly used “ily” text, maybe you shouldn’t ask them to spell out the abbreviation.
#8 Break Up Text Denial
If your “better half” decides it’s a good idea to end the relationship via text, then why is it not a good idea to screw with them too? I can only assume that the person who thought of those responses wasn’t too upset if they could pull off this really good joke.
If you want to see more of these funny break up texts go here http://bit.ly/FunnyBreakUpTexts or just click on the picture :)
The Failed Ditch
Well, thankfully, not all guys try and run when it comes to the serious responsibility of parenthood. This has to be the only way humor could be found in this very sensitive subject. Though no matter how funny or witty you are in a text there is no excuse for running from that particular problem. It does make for an interesting and hilarious attempt at severing all ties without implication. Too bad he failed so terribly.
#10 Caught Off Guard

Break ups are sad, but thanks to the digital age they can now be pretty funny too, or at least when it’s not happening to you personally. Though for some reason seeing the usually heart wrenching break ups in text message form make them ten times funnier. Imagine you are expressing your love to your significant other, one message after another. You hear the familiar sound of an incoming text, look at your phone, and see their response, “I think we should see other people.”

That grandma took none of the shit.

Team Grandma

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